• Remembering the day of atonement.

  • Dear Applicants,


    If we look at the Bible, we can see that God created a perfect assessment plan for recruiting beings for His project. Our short life is for His assessment, and God is evaluating the actions of each human being to give them the right rewards or punishment for violations to ensure justice - even after death!


    The Day of Atonement, aka Yom Kippur


    The Day of Atonement was a yearly feast instituted by God to cover completely (pay the penalty) all the sins of the people of Israel. As a continuation, later, God Himself came to the Earth to become an ultimate sacrifice for everyone. Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Atonement means "covering." The purpose of the sacrifice was to repair the broken relationship between humans and God by covering the people's sins. Since no one is allowed to misuse this opportunity and to ensure justice for everyone - those who can complete a few tasks mentioned in the Bible may be forgiven. Usually, the process is to Repent and Restitute.


    Remembering the ultimate atonement plan that God revealed around 2000 years ago. We have created something similar for all traders to remember God's forgiveness and mercy by helping all who lost money trading brokerage, prop accounts or with other investments/platforms- if they could complete the required task/s, with no cost attached.



    Introduce one successful and profitable trader to the Chartered Fund Manager program, an individual/group capable of completing task two for you or someone with an excellent track record.





    Participate in the learning program as an individual/group and achieve the required profit target without violating max loss limit. If you violate max loss limit on learning account, you can continue trading by paying $19 monthly till you achieve the 5% or 10% profit target on your learning account.


    We pay up to $50k to the applicants who can complete the above requirements + a complimentary funded $5,000,000 pro account(up to 10% max loss limit) to make profits from the markets.



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